Sweyd is a footwear studio based in Stockholm. The circle of classic versatility is the DNA to our design and production, drawing inspiration and aesthetic from vintage sport and military icons. 

Made and crafted in Florence, Italy. Better yet, all of the materials used to make them are sourced locally by us. From the classic soles to the premium calf leather and soft lining - our shoes are Italian, through and through.


Our approach to sustainability
We only work with small scale production and great replenishment possibilities. This means that we do not manufacture our shoes in large volumes and do not make more than we sell. We work with methodic repetition, no due dates - across seasons. Long lasting styles with focus on high quality and longevity.

The location of our production
We work with a small number of suppliers to maintain close relations and the possibilities to do regular visits. It’s with great thought that we've chosen Italy and especially the Tuscany area for manufacturing our shoes. Traditionally it’s an area rich and full of Italy’s best tanneries and suppliers for the shoe trade. This means that we can more or less source all material used in our production within one hour drive from our factories. Less and shorter transports when sourcing materials and also a much more efficient way of working when sampling and developing new products.

*Our Crew Socks are made locally in Sweden.

Repair and recycle.
Always check with your local shoe repair shop if your shoes are repairable before you recycle them.

If you no longer use your shoes they can be sold on the second hand market to find a new home.

Constructions and key components.
We mainly use two types of construction when making our footwear.

Lasted Construction
To many this traditional technique of making shoes relates to classic formal shoes, but it can be used in making all types of footwear. The upper is pulled tight over the last and attached to the insole by a lasting machine or by hand. The outsole is attached to the upper and insole by cementing, stitching or both.

Strobel Construction
Very common construction to use in more flexible athletic types of shoes. The Strobel construction requires the upper to be sown directly onto the insoles which creates a “sock” of the uppers and insoles together. The name Strobel comes from the Strobel Stitch and Strobel machine that sews and joins the upper and insole which creates the “sock”. The upper socks are lasted and cemented together with the outsole to complete the shoe.

The Insoles
We always use insoles made of full leather. It’s important to not mix up insoles and inner soles / Inserts. The insoles are a key component and one of the most important parts in manufacturing of quality shoes. The majority of the shoes sold today use compressed paper or other non natural materials as insoles. This causes the shoes to mold and wear very quickly - also the reason why a lot of shoes start to smell bad quickly.

An Insole made of full leather may take some time to break in but it will increase the wearability and comfort over time. To maximize the lifetime of your shoes we always recommend to use shoe trees and also remove the inserts now and then to give the leather an extra breath and time to dry out naturally.